2014 July, Eclipse Development Survey Analyzed

Eclipse community have just released their yearly survey (about 900 participants).

I see this survey as a good source of data to feel the current development vibe.

So, I looked at the survey results several times and decided to write my specific conclusions extracted from the survey.
I have analyzed the survey and want to only write about the big changes I saw which are worthy of my attention (and probably yours too if you read my post).

My Personal Survey Conclusions

  1. Open source has lost some of it's prestige (a pity)  [Slide 9]
  2. Open Hardware and Internet of Things are here to stay [Slide 13, 17]
  3. Most Eclipse users, upgrade their IDE soon after each yearly release [Slide 15]
  4. Javascript is here to stay [Slide 21]
  5. Application Servers: Tomcat remains first, but JBoss is gaining [Slide 23]
  6. Repositories: CVS is finally dead, SVN is dying fast and GIT is gaining fast [Slide 24]
  7. Build Tools: Ant is dying fast, Maven is leading big time, Gradle is gaining fast [Slide 25]
  8. Continuous Integration: Jenkins is winning, Hudson is dying [Slide 25].
  9. Web based IDE: People are sniffing around but it doesn't catch yet.

So what should I do

  • Experiment with Hardware / IOT / Arduino
  • Upgrade eclipse to the latest asap
  • Learn JS
  • Switch from Tomcat to JBoss
  • Switch from SVN to GIT
  • Consider Gradle as a Maven substitute
  • Switch from Hudson to Jenkins
  • Forget about web based IDEs


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