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I have decided I needed a quick GUI creator which can create a small exe file displaying the GUI, with no system dependencies like a .NET framework or Java runtime.

What options do I have for a Quick GUI Creator?

Maybe there are many options I am not aware of, but after extensive searching I found these two:
Auto Hot keys

(Saw some recommendations to try Delphi or Pascal for this task but I passed)

Both tools began from the same code source, autohotkeys branched off and continued to be open source while AutoIT is more commercial.

I have compared the two (well, not actually compared, just google'd out other's comparisons) and found out that the AutoHotKeys is slightly better and is more open sourced (which makes it the better solution) but lacks in one field which is crucial for me - the script syntax is awful! 

That tipped the balance (as a programmer i couldn't stand AHK's syntax) so I chose AutoIT.

How to get Started with AutoIT?

2. Installing the above will give you a full AutoIT IDE!  with a compile button and even a comfortable to use exe compiler - just install it and you will be able to edit & run scripts using the Scite editor / IDE.

3. (Optional) Now you can download a WYSIWYG editor, so you can design a GUI in a breeze, there are several GUI editors available, there is Koda which was the first editor - it works well but is ugly and a little hard to use (and is ancient with no recent updates), there is a German editor (ISN autoit Studio) which is beautiful but lacks in several fields like the number of components it offers and the mere fact that everything there is written in german!, which leaves us with: Form Builder - The best GUI WYSIWYG editor for AutoIT, it has many updates, lots of flexibility and very easy to use - an amazing GUI edior.

4. Code examples - When you install autoIT you can find in the AutoIT directory a directory containing many examples.
5. Documentation - Can be found here: Official AutoIT Documentation
6. A documentation executable can be found in the AutoIT directory - just type there anything you want and you will find it there - with examples.
7. AutpIT 1-2-3 - which is an autoIT application which is a guide for new users.
8. Last but not least - AutoIT official Forums

Now you have all of the tools of the trade - just code your way into it!


Dr. Who said…
Just for info: The ISN AutoIt Studio is aviable in several languages! (Not only german!)

And i think it´s much better than the Form Builder!
Anonymous said…
The main issues with ISN Autoit Studio is that there no english getting started guides or youtube tutorials.


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