Amazing PHP site generator

Let's say I have a Database with data.
Now, lets assume I want to have a site around this database, which users and admins can access and have access to the data using nice GUI'd tables with the specific data I want each group to be exposed to.

When I think of designing such a site, I think of the following requirements:
  1. The site must be lightweight, there is no need for any heavy "Engine" here.
  2. The site should be built using good coding practices, so I want it to have an MVC engine.
  3. I want not to worry about the sql queries, I want not to worry about sql injection, I want DB schema changes to be minor (coding wise) in short - I want an ORM.
  4. I want some CRUD functionality
  5. I want a nice GUI which means using a lightweight Templating system like Smarty which will preferably use great JS libraries, Twitter Bootstrap, font Awesome etc .
One would think I am asking for too much - well, nothing is too much, it just will take a lot of time to develop the site.

What if I told you that I can have all of these requirements fulfilled "Magically" in a single minute?

I want to present "Phreeze" - The best PHP smart site generator which left me open mouthed! - and that doesn't happen a lot anymore.

Just upload the Phreeze "Builder" and browse to it (using any browser) in the form it will present you with easy to understand fields for your DB coordinates - then It will generate the dream site with all requirements fulfilled! - download the ZIP file, and put it on your web server, then enjoy your site.

You will get a beautiful (Smarty + Twitter bootstrap + data tables + lots more), CRUD ORM based site using a lightweight MVC engine.

The site is fully usable out of the box, if you want to change anything, just watch the Videos on the developer's site which explain every aspect of the MVC model, so editing is done in a Phreeze (Sorry, in a Breeze).

Enjoy Phreeze.


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