WARNING: Can't find the the request for 's Observer

When did this stackTrace been thrown?
While running a CXF webservice over a tomcat server.

My client (client software) tries to connect the CXF webservice, but the following line keeps being stacked at my server's console windows:

WARNING: Can't find the the request for 's Observer

What's the problem?
After thorough investigation I tried invoking a services list using my web browser - And a list I got!

Where I found out that I wrote the wrong endpoint

Mystery solved :-)


Claire said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
avi said…
Hi Claire,

Try the following URL (in the browser):

where you should find a list of your active servlets, choose the one you try to use and search for its endpoint.

now compare the endpoint you found now with the one you are using.
are they the same?

The problem I faced was a common wrong endpoint problem.

avi said…
I think I have mistakenly deleted Claire's comment so here it is:


I've the same problem. If you resolved it, can you help me ?


Unknown said…
When I try that URL, Apache Tomcat Page appears.

Actually, I've got this Warning when I tried to access to the wsdl of my web service.

Perhaps I don't correctly put the cxf.xml file in my project. (I put it in the WEB-INF/META-INF directory)
avi said…
I don't have cxf.xml in my project.

But your problem does sound like a configuration issue.
Claire said…
Okay, thanks ;)

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